Shared technology for community health



Welcome to PTSO.

PTSO is a nonprofit Health Center Controlled Network (HCCN), a collaborative of health centers focused on using health information technology tools and capabilities to enhance patient care and safety. We work to ensure our network of providers are able to use technology to offer the best care.

Now an OCHIN Organization, PTSO is able to leverage OCHIN’s more than 18 years of experience and 400 staff to ensure our health centers have access to powerful technical assistance, training, research, and clinical support under the Collaborative. PTSO has successfully implemented EPM, EHR, and EDR systems for eight CHCs in Washington state.

We currently manage and support EPM, EHR, and EDR systems for:

  • 95 clinics/delivery care sites

  • 675 providers

  • 300 case workers and enabling providers

  • 275,000 patients

  • 850,000 annual encounters

  • 2,000 online users

PTSO gives us access to the IT professionals we need to implement and maintain integrated technology solutions at a fraction of the cost of trying to hire them ourselves.
— Michael Hassing, CEO, Family Health Centers


Our Vision

Shared technology for community health means that PTSO is the technology services partner of choice to enhance community health center business processes and improve community health.

Our Mission

PTSO works in partnership with community health centers to improve patient care through shared, cost-effective technology services.